Águas de Março Filmes

Águas de Março - a French/ Brazilian production company


With a multifaceted and complimentary team.

Formed through a common passion for telling stories, we aim to reveal original points of views, across various genres, taking a creative and unique look at what's in front of the lens.


Whether it is working within the medium of fiction, documentary,corporate video, or advertising,

we believe in delivering high quality films every time. So far our cameras have reached such places as: Brazil, China, England, France, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, and Palestine.

We find stories, write scenarios, source actors and crew, shoot, edit and, most importantly of all, we aim to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.


At Águas de Março Films, our team works in partnership with the leading professionals in their fields,

producing content - whether fact or fiction - with a strong emphasis on storytelling.
At Águas de Março Films, we believe in creativity without limits.


Fernanda Vareille



Fernanda Vareille is a Brazilian filmmaker, born in Bahia, who graduated in Cinema from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris) and Documentary and Journalism, from the University of London. She is now a director of fictional and documentary films.

In France, 2014, Fernanda wrote and directed the fictional short film, La Bascule. In 2015, she finished the documentary, Madness Among Us, which depicts the inner life of a Brazilian psychiatric hospital.

Her documentary, Let Me Live (2009), received the 2010 Audience Award for Best Documentary at Amnesty International Film Festival in Paris. Filmed in Palestine, the film depicts the peaceful resistance of young artists and international volunteers to the military presence of Israel in the West Bank.

Her documentary, The Largest Prison on Earth (2007), was nominated for the Globians Film Festival (Potsdam, Germany), VI International Non-Budget Film Festival (Gibara, Cuba), International Film Festival (South Africa) and The European Independent Film Festival (ECU) (Paris, France).

Fernanda has also produced and directed stories for the TV news program, Mosaico Baiano, showing on the Brazilian station, TV Globo.


Amanda Gracioli

Executive Producer


Amanda Gracioli is an executive producer who graduated in Cinema from the Federal University of Bahia. Having worked in film production since 2008, she has experience in feature-length fiction, documentaries, television, commercials and corporate films.

She has been the Executive Producer of the documentary, Madness Among Us (2015) (dir. Fernanda Vareille) (Brazil), the documentary, Carnival at Salvador in Bahia (2014) (dir. Luis Miranda) (Arte France/ Germany), and the fictional short, La Bascule (dir. Fernanda Vareille) (France).

Other roles have included, Production Coordinator of the feature films, Captains of the Sands (2011) (dir. Cecilia Amado) (Brazil), and Garden of the Secret Leaves (2011) (dir. Pola Ribeiro) (Brazil); and Production Manager of the feature films, Strangers (2010) (dir. Paulo Alcantara) (Brazil); The Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell (2010) (dir. Sérgio Machado) (Brazil); Paper Marriage (2008) (dir. André Sturm) (Brazil); and Hotel Atlantic (2009) (dir. Suzana Amaral) (Brazil).

Amanda is also a writer and director of the fictional short films, 100 Dreams (2012) (Honorable Mention - 5 Minutes Film Festival - Bahia  Brazil, 2012),  The Hidden Subject (2014), and deLírio (2015) (in post-production), as well as the documentary, John/What I'm About (2015) (in post-production).